2anormal (para-normal) was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri. He is the epitome of what hip hop is
about. His creativity and stories of life experience take you on a journey through time. The lyrics he delivers are leaked directly from his soul,and listeners can't help but to feel the authenticity of the content he spills. He continues to take relate-able stories and mold them into infectious anthems that people of all lifestyles and backgrounds can relate to.To date, 2anormal has released 6 full albums, the last 3 being Worldwide releases. He is quickly gaining momentum in the underground music scene and with internet radio listeners across the globe. He is currently working on a new solo LP that is slated to release in September of 2016. 2anormal.s goal is to give hip hop fans an alternative to the hollow manufactured rap music playing on today's mainstream radio. His slogan,BTB(boycott the bullshit) is also gaining traction with fans who are sick of the lack of creativty and quality lyrics.

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  • MY NEW ALBUM 'Boycott The Bullshit' will release on September 23rd,2016


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